About the Artist

Other Merchandise

Dianna is a local artist and animator who has worked professionally in the industry for over six years now.  She's worked on various projects from PBS to FX, covering a range of properties and age demographics.  In her personal time she likes to work on games, play games and she's kinda into skeletons right now, which shows through into her work.  Here are her more recent works, please click the icons for a better glimpse.

Dianna has worked at a couple cons, including MomoCon 2017!  She typically likes to have a range of things to sell other then prints, such as handmade amigurumi from her own patterns.  She also likes to focus on cute geek kitchen ware, like wooden spoons, dish towels and cupcake recipe cards.  Dianna's cupcakes have been featured on both The Knot Georgia (2016) and on The Knot's Instagram (2017) so the recipes are known for pleasing many pallet's! 

Thank you for your consideration!